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設計原理 Design process



在香港,很多家庭浴室設計都如下圖所示,排水渠與其他單位互相連接,所以臭味、蟑螂和帶病毒水蒸氣都可從其他單位隨意進入,特別是當開着了抽氣扇和關了門窗時,空氣就被迫要從去水渠位進入,當年SARS病毒也是從這途徑傳遍整座大廈。近年流感肆虐,病毒很多時也是這樣傳播。 (如禽流感)



Figure A



 I.                   廁所水箱自動停水系統破損




Figure B

II.                   廁所水箱入水位破裂



III.                 洗衣機入水自動停水系統破損



IV.              浴室或厨房瓷盆底漏水



V.              大雨時沒有關上浴室或厨房窗子






經過了一輪實驗(Figure C)和修改,終於成功誕下了活渠門。它母親原是一名產品設計師,外觀美感當然不會忽略。還將活渠門的設計成功取得專利,使到知識產權得到保護。 

Figure C

The drainage system of most apartments in Hong Kong is shown in figure A. Odour or vapour with virus may enter the apartment through the drain pipes. Especially when the ventilation fan is on and the windows are shutted. Air has no other ways but comes in through the drain pipes from other apartments. In such a way, odour or virus can spread through the whole building. SARS disease outbreak in the city was a typical example. 


Most of the drain gates in HK are in either 3” square vertical or 3” round horizontal format. Mostly they are made of metal but some are of plastics. As a matter of fact, sewage odor or cockroaches often come into the apartments through these drain gates since there is no water in the u-traps outside the building. The protective mechanism offered by these u-traps is no longer valid because the lifestyle of most HK people has been changed. Seldom people will pour a bucket of water onto the floor for cleaning but just mopping the floor instead. Thus there will be no water in the u-trap to block foreign substance from coming into the apartment. That is why a device is needed to be designed to compensate the function of the u-trap.


What is in mind that a device can have a one-way pass through function? Correct! It is valve mechanism. Thus this mechanism should be employed in the new design. Upon many brainstorming and testing models, a preliminary functional device was built. It had to be tested thoroughly for its function, reliability and durability by many experiences, such as one experiment shown in figure C.


The design was eventually finalized upon some further revisions and improvements. The esthetics of course could not be ignored since such new design was created by an industrial designer. Ultimately the new product was patented for it unique mechanism and design before launching to the market.