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活渠門是香港首個設計於去水位上用來防止外來細菌和臭味但同時能排水的產品。並榮獲原創家居用品設計比賽冠軍。自2003沙士之年至今, 已有無數家庭安裝了活渠門。因為當年世衛指出帶有病毒的水蒸氣是由去水位進入室內而令到大部人受到感染,所以反映現時很多猖獗的病毒如 COVID-19, H5N1、H1N1、H3N2、NEW SARS(新沙士) 亦可從去水位進入屋內。但去水位是不可能沒有或將它封密的,活渠門的設計便正正可解决這個難題。

第一代因為要應當時之急, 所以有很多設計上的問題, 包括活門不能緊閉,易失效,去水慢,不耐用,安裝不方便,不美觀. 第二代就是針對這些缺點而作出了全面改善.

I. 活渠門 1 號 和 2 號 (DG1 & DG2) 基本型號,用於 3 寸(7.5cm)方形和圓形渠閘:


-         有效阻止臭味和帶病毒氣體從污水渠入屋

-         防止蟑螂螞蟻等帶病毒害蟲進入

-         可如常排水

-         專利外露式活門設計, 運作是否正常可一目了然

-         即買即用,不用師傅安裝 

-         不需電池或其他能源

現在第二代升級版在市場上已數年, 口碑是無容置疑的。將第一代的不足完全改善,使用家更樂於使用。

為了照顧小數的不標準渠閘用家, 新開發產品還有專為 DG1 和 DG2 而設計的轉接器和髮隔,使到它們的用途更為廣泛。

II. DG1 轉接器 (Adapter 111) ,隨DG1附送,用於不標準的凹嵌式 3x2.5寸 和 4寸方形渠閘 :

III. DG2 轉接器9.8 (Adapter 9.8), 亦是用來照顧小數的不標準渠閘用家,

還有髮隔1.0 ( Hair Trap 1.0), 用於花灑去水位上 (轉接片隨DG2附送; 髮隔另購) :

IV. 最新款不同型號 New Finishings

Drain Guard (DG) was invented in 2003, the SARS year in HK, and was granted the Champion Award in the Original Household Product Design Competition. DG is the first product in HK (may be the first in the world) that was designed for protecting the indoor drain gates from outside harmful substances. The design concept was inspired by the case in the Amoy Gardens that the virus was spread through the whole building through the drain pipes. That means many common virus nowadays such as COVID-19, H5N1, H1N1, H3N2 can enter the apartments in the same way. Therefore it was urgently to have a product invented to solve this problem. That is why DG was born, and it has the following features:


 -          Block sewage odors and harmful insects

-          Block hazardous gas or vapors that may contain virus or bacteria

-          Work like ordinary drain gates that allows normal water drainage

-          The exposed OWE (One-Way-Exit) door design allows easy visual inspection

-          Totally DIY. No need of any technician

-          Various surface finishing designs for different interior designs.


Since 2003, many families in HK have been using DG in their apartments. Word of mouth proves that DG are effective products. Now much improvement and upgrades have been built into the second generation DG. Expecting that even more users will be willing to use DG in future.